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8 thoughts on “ Blood Fractals

  1. Sep 05,  · Fractals fit in between a line and a plane (or in the real world between two and three dimensions). More simply, because they are so complex, with .
  2. Jul 02,  · The blood flow model in an arteriole–capillary vascular network in muscle tissue was established using equivalent analogy method that arterial vessel network is equivalent to a random fractal dendritic bifurcation network, and the capillary network and tissue cells within the tissue are equivalent to the porous media matrix void to meet warping, bending, and fractals’ physical feature requirements for Author: Yan-li Chen, Gui-Qiang Bai, Liu-xing Ren, Yang Bai, Meng-yao Sun, Tao Shang, Chun-ye Ma, Da-shi Ma.
  3. It is these types of growth which presumably give rise to the fractal relationships between the degree of apparent heterogeneity of local tissue blood flows within an organ and the resolution of the measurement (the size of the tissue elements over which an average flow is measured).
  4. A few others are clouds, coastlines, jellyfish tendrils, coral reefs, and blood vessels in the lungs. The photo below shows another example of a natural fractal pattern, the branching of a river. This is typical of the pattern formed when fluid flows from tributaries into a central stream or flows out from a main course into several branches.
  5. The only way this is possible is through a fractal branching network where blood vessels branch and branch ever smaller, down to the width of a capillary, which is about 8 microns in diameter. Depending on how they're measured, humans have about , kilometers of blood vessels - enough to go around the world several times!
  6. Fractals Found in Nature. Fractals are not only found in mathematicians' designs. You can also find them in many places in nature. Branching is one type of fractal design we see everywhere, from the branches of trees that grow out from the trunk, smaller and smaller, to the branching of your own blood .
  7. Oct 08,  · Released on 10/8/ "hypogean blood fractals for a hypnagogic sleep" is an an unexpected meditative journey through the true nature of the universe surrounding us. A .
  8. Blood vessels in the retina. Grand Canyon in the USA. Clouds. All these objects might appear completely random, but, just like fractals, there is an underlying pattern that determines how they are formed. We can also use fractals to create realistic “copies” of nature, for example, as landscapes and textures used in video games or.

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